Daniel Whitenack

Data Scientist/Engineer Ardan Labs, Chicago

Daniel is a PhD Physics trained data scientist who is interested in helping Go become a “go to” language for data science/engineering. As a consultant, Daniel helps his clients develop and deploy predictive models, real-time dashboards, pricing optimizations, and more. He enjoys contributing to the open source community, with projects like gophernotes, and mentoring data science students in data science. "I am passionate about helping data scientists discover Go and helping gophers discover data science. I am the maintainer of several open source, data-related Go projects (including gophernotes), and I have talked all over the US about Go and it’s uses in the context of data science."

  • GDE

    Google Developer Expert

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    Google Developer Group

Marcelo Quinta

Professor Universidade Federal de Goiás, Brazil

Master in software engineering, professor at Universidade Federal de Goias, mobile developer with 10 years experience with different platforms. Actually has many apps delivered around the world, from banks to startups, government and even planes. He is Google Developer Expert in Android, Intel Innovator, GDG Goiania organizer and Technology Mentor in Google Developers Launchpad Accelerator.

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    Google Developer Group

Natalie Pistunovich

Backend Engineer Adjust, Berlin

I am from Berlin, working as a backend engineer at adjust, WTM lead and GDG Golang organizers.

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    Google Developer Group

Florin Pâtan

Cloud Services Engineer YouView TV Ltd., London

I am a gopher for a few years now and I have used to do various things from simple toy apps to writing a startup based on it. I am one of the organizers of the Go meetup in London and former organizer of GDG Berlin Golang and AWS Berlin User Group. In my spare time I pretend to contribute to the Go plugin for IntelliJ and other open-source projects.

Tanay Pant

Mozilla Tech Speaker Mozilla, New Delhi

Tanay Pant is an Indian author, hacker, developer and tech enthusiast. He is best known for his work on "Building a Virtual Assistant for Raspberry Pi" and "Learning Firefox OS Application Development". He is also an official representative of Mozilla. He has been listed in the about:credits of the Firefox web browser for his contributions to the different open source projects of the Mozilla Foundation.

Sergey Pugachev

Technical Solutions Consultant Google, Moscow

Starting from the end of 2014 Sergey Pugachev is working at Google. He is responsible for monetization platforms support for Russian and European customers. Before Google, Sergey worked at Microsoft for more than 4 years. He is an author of several books on application development. And he was a speaker at numerous conferences, including all DevCon, TechEd Russia, Patterns & Practices Summit and others. In 2009-2012 was a Microsoft MVP (Microsoft Most Valuable Professional).

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    Google Developer Expert

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    Google Developer Group

Alex Korovyansky

Technical Director Handsome, Omsk

Alex is a Google Developers Expert in Android and a Technical Director of Mobile & Devices department at Handsome. Together with team Alex creates beautiful experiences for global brands, including Facebook, Indeed, Nickelodeon. In 2011, Alex started Google Developer Group in Omsk and greatly influenced the growth of the regional IT-community through its organizational and expert effort. Currently Alex is enthusiastically working on a new ambitious project in the community — creative mobile laboratory, where developers can experiments with the very latest mobile technologies and devices (ex. SLAM, AR/VR, IoT, drones).

Mikhail Viceman

CEO Trinity Digital, Moscow

Mikhail – CEO Trinity Digital. Since 2004 working as developer. In 2013 founded mobile development studio. Speech will be focused on the libraries to display the VR 360 panoramas. Technical aspects and examples on Android.

Alexander Blinov

Lead Android Developer REDMADROBOT, Moscow

At REDMADROBOT I do Android application architecture and team technologizing. I will discuss about the MPVsV approach in the architecture of Android applications and how to increase the speed and quality of development by different types of code generation.

Yuriy Shmakov

Android team leader Arello mobile, Novosibirsk

I am fan of Android, have been developing under it for about 6 years, and work and spare time. I like to solve the difficulties that confront us due Android is a system for large and small devices for productive and not very cheap and expensive. I love to discuss the architecture of mobile applications and approaches to solving problems associated with the life cycle and asynchronous tasks.

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    Google Developer Group

Sergey Melehin

Team Lead Ramax Intl., Vladivostok

Sergey more than 10 years engaged in the development, specializing in the backend, database, the OLAP systems. He leads a team of 2 to 17 people.

Eduard Medvedev

Engineer StackStorm/Brocade, Tomsk

Eduard is one of the main developers StackStorm, open-source platform for the automation of server infrastructure. "I develop backend and API, the automation, DevOps and ChatOps, assembly and deploem."

Andrew Minkin

Team lead MadDevs.io, Bishkek

Andrew - team lead in MadDevs.io. The main programming language is Go."I design system and develop microservices."

Mikhail Reenko

JavaScript Developer 2GIS/Flamp, Novosibirsk

Michael graduated the Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science of NSTU, and has 5 years development experience. At the moment he is the JavaScript developer in 2GIS. "I am developing a new version Flamp (with 200+ isomorphic application components). This is the largest project in the Catberry, we are active participats in framework life, we report bugs, create PR, discuss about the direction of development."

  • GDG

    Google Developer Group

Alexander Korshak

Team Leader GDG, Nigniy Novgorod

Alexander - lead of Android development team and one of the GDG community leaders in Nizhny Novgorod. Since 2009 he engaged in the professional development of Android (Mobile / Wear / TV). Since 2013 - speaker at IT events about Cross-Platform Programming, Beacons, Smart TV, Multithreading, architecture of mobile applications and Virtual Reality.

Nikita Baksalyar

Developer MaidSafe, Kurgan

Nikita is participant in the development of Rust compiler porting it to a new platform (Oracle Solaris OS and its variations available).

Grigory Petrov

Technical Evangelist Voximplant, Moscow

For over 15 years I have been developing software, from desktop solutions such as of Radmin to the Web and mobile applications.

Timur Akhmetgareev

Android Lead App in the Air Inc, Moscow

Oleg Fedoseev

Backend Team Lead NGS Technologies, Novosibirsk

I have more than 8 years of experience in development. Most of this time on php, but in recent years actively apply Go.

Andrey Zharkikh

Project Manager Noveo, Novosibirsk

I have been developing mobile solutions and managing mobile projects for 10+ years. Handled numerous mobile projects of different caliber, including development and support of the mobile client for Evernote. Focus on the end user always attracted me in mobile development, whilst mobile apps themselves attracted by beauty, elegancy and convenience.

Alexander Efremenkov

Android engineer Surf, Smolensk

Ekaterina Philatova

CEO AR&VR Association, Moscow

CEO AVRA (AR&VR Association in Russia), Producer Laboratory VR-movies.

Victor Maslov

Software engineer in test Aitarget, Moskow

Writing code in various languages for years, currently stick with Ruby and of course Javascript. Working in software industry mainly related to QA, CI/CD. Automated the Yandex.Browser functional testing from scratch. Other Google technologies that I had experience to work with are Chrome extensions, Google Apps Script and some services via REST API. Writing bots for myself and others as a hobby.

Konstantin Tckhovrebov

Android Team Lead MobileUp, Saint Petersburg

I am in Android dev 5+ years. My last projects were huge, complex client side applications. I like solving architecture related tasks but also love grinding layouts and animations trying to archieve perfection. In addition I am contributor for several android opensource projects. Linux fan.

Daniel Serdyukov

Senior Developer Kaspersky Lab, Санкт-Петербург

"Dynamic and result focused self-starter with 6+ years of experience and knowledge of software development, including system specifications, software analysis and design, implementation, coding, testing, installation, user training and support. Proven ability to efficiently align skills and talents to support critical goals and objectives. Inspiring leader with outstanding communication, and strong relationship building skills.

Daniel Onoshko

Senior Developer LeadBean, Novosibirsk

Fullstack web developer, with three years of experience. Currently involved in a startup LeadBean.com as the main developer.

Stanislav Erohin

Kotlin developer JetBrains, Saint Petersburg

Andrew Solodovnikov

Frontend/javascript developer НГС Технологии, Krasnodar

Alex Sibirtsev

Team Lead НГС Технологии, Novosibirsk

Michael Gurevich

Team Lead Azoft, Novosibirsk

I have started developing on Android since 2011. I love to make beautiful and fast applications. Apps should have excellent UX for small Android devices as well as for big ones. I love discussing the architecture of mobile applications and any related issues.

Alexandr Gasselbakh

Backend developer 2GIS, Novosibirsk

  • GDG

    Google Developer Group

Alexandr Denisov

Senior Java Developer Netcracker, Nigniy Novgorod

Leo Dragunov

GIS Engineer Juno, Moscow/Minsk

Max Chechel

Backend Engineer Juno, Saint-Petersburg/Minsk

  • GDG

    Google Developer Group

Anton Rutkevich

Android Engineer Juno, Minsk

Igor Sheko

Developer Voximplant, Moscow

Igor frontend developer in VoxImplant. Before join VoxImplant team, he was CTO of Appatbox studio and Rocketcallback startup. Igor Fullstack developer and disappointed in Scrum master.

Eugene Komarov

Developer Handsome, Omsk

Eugene has defended his PhD thesis about automatization of industrial robots and developed two escape rooms in Omsk. He believes that the future of technologies is at the intersection of engineering and software development. From July to September Eugene had an Internship at Handsome. During his internship he upgraded a smart foosball table to IoT one, developed an application that build houses in an augmented world simultaneously displaying them on the screen with the help of AR, and constructed a BLE button for notifying about emergency situation. Now Eugene is working on development and popularization of AllJoyn framework.

Nikita Kazeev

Researcher Yandex, Moscow

Nikita works at Yandex on the joint data science projects with CERN. He has an MSc in Physics from the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology, graduated from the Yandex School of Data Analysis, is a PhD student at the Computer Science department of the Higher School of Economics.

Nina Shalneva

BigData Team Leader Beeline, Novosibirsk

Leader of Developers & DevOps Team creating, developing and maintaining the first Hadoop cluster in Beeline with 200+ nodes and estimate 6PB data. We make researches of new technologies and frameworks, develop business solutions based on Hadoop & Streaming technologies.

Maksim Radionov

BigData Team Beeline, Novosibirsk

Team Leader with 4+ years of experience in creating solutions for hadoop cluster with 200+ nodes and estimate 6PB data. Responsible for setting up an architecture with HA, Scalability & Reliability for ETL processing, 15 TB data loaded per day. Solid data integration background (real time, near real time).

Nikolay Skovorodin

BigData Team Beeline, Novosibirsk

Java software developer. Responsible for creating ETL solutions.

Alexander Kulikovskiy

Senior Android Developer GDG Rostov, Rostov

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